The Benefits of Filling Up the Cog Gallery – “Toontown” (Rewritten, Planet, Fellowship, etc.)

The cog gallery is a very unique way to play this game. Playing with this method will eventually let you summon cog buildings, invasions, and cogs. In order to though, you’ll need to fill up the entire cog gallery.

As you defeat cogs in “Toontown” (Rewritten, Planet, Fellowship, etc.)  you’ll fill up the cog gallery and along the way, you’ll be able to use summons to call in invasions, create cog buildings for the certain cog type from the cog you choose, and be able to summon a cog into the game to battle.

The certain mechanics for how many cogs exactly for certain parts of the Cog Gallery are yet to be researched. In fact, I’m one of the people who is trying to research that.



Toontown Rewritten: Ways to Train

Hi, it’s me. Today I will be talking about ways to train in Toontown Rewritten.

Tip #1: It is recommended that you travel to a district that has an invasion that has very low leveled cogs.

Tip #2: This depends on the gag level that you have. If you have mainly level two gags, go to Toontown Central. If mainly level 4 gags go to Donald’s Dock or Daisy’s Gardens.

Tip #3: Once you’re high enough level, go to Daisy’s Gardens or Minnie’s Melodyland and do a 4 to 5 story cog building. I recommend you the building with other toons.

Tip #4: Be aware of the invasion time, or you will probably die. Hope this helps.