Style Savvy: Fashion Forward – Best Features of the Game

Hey, it’s me, Anna again! yayomg-style-savvy-fashion-forward-pollOne of my all time favorite video games that came out recently is the Style Savvy: Fashion Forward game. There are a lot of fascinating, unique features within the game.

Some of the best parts though include actually designing special items with patterns and designs that you find in the game. These designs will let you design for brands in the game and for yourself. My current favorite design is the leopard print. I love using it for bags.


You can also find makeup items that will allow you to have special makeup sets for different looks. Each look is interesting and you can find different sets in many different areas of the game. It is really cool because you can remix colors within the sets to create special new sets of your own. I have made a Pikachu makeup set. This consists of the common Pikachu face colors, red, black, and yellow. I also enjoy being able to sell makeup sets to customers.

Another cool feature is being able to have fashion shows that allow you to customize yourself in many different styles of fashion, which you then show off on the runway. I think that it is pretty sweet how you can give out tickets to the customers to come see the show.

Two other unique features include not just buying hair styles and makeup and putting it on your character, but you can also now style other people’s hair and makeup. I like designing hair and makeup for others cause it gives out inspiration.


The last cool new feature involves decorating rooms and letting people live in those rooms. These rooms give really unique personality to your game. They can reflect what happens in game. Being able to decorate rooms gives expression to your inspiration. I like that you can add things onto the tables like food and flowers.



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