Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X; The Best Way to Guilt

Descargar-Kingdom-Hearts-Unchained-X-para-iOSI have been playing this game for quite a while.

The requirement to unlock guilting is by completing Quest 200 for the first time. There are a lot of steps in order to guilt a medal.

When you tap on a medal, you’ll see circles, also called orbs. At first, the orbs aren’t filled in. They’re just blank and non filled.

To fill them…

Step #1: Fuse the same exact medal (you’ll need another of that medal) with the same star level, in order to fill in one of the orbs.

Tip #1: Depending on the medal, you might have two orbs or five orbs; it just depends on the medal.

Tip #2: For guilting, you need at least 6-7 6 star medals, which is the maximum star level a medal can have.

Tip #3: If it is a 2 orbed medal, fuse one orb lit medal and another one orb lit medal (it has to be the same medal and star level; multiple) and then you can guilt.

Tip #4: It is different for other orb lit medal types. I’ll will explain this in a different post.

Step #2: Then, you will see guilt being rolled.

Step #3: Tap and you’ll get a percentage.

Tip #5: Every time you roll, you will get the same number or higher. I will explain more later.


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